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Free Roof Inspection

Contact us for a no-obligation, free roof inspection. Our mission is to give homeowners a realistic estimate of their roof damage.

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File an Insurance Claim

We will work with you to file an insurance claim with your insurer so you can obtain the necessary funds to repair your roof.

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Inspection Day Support

We can be present during your insurance adjuster’s inspection to point out all previously identified damage.

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Damage Analysis

When your claim is approved, we do the analysis with the owner of all the repairs that need to be done.

Wooden Fence

Wood Fences

Enclose your property with a beautiful and long-lasting wood fence from Cardinal Exteriors & Roofing.


Garage Door Replacement

Replace your old and damaged door with a new and improved garage door at an affordable price.



Whether you’re replacing a handful of windows or a whole houseful, we can help find the perfect solution for your home.

New roof with gutter


​Protecting Your Foundation ​Controlling the flow of rainwater runoff from your roof is an important part of protecting your home.

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Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Increase your home’s value! Cardinal Exteriors & Roofing also offers complete kitchen & bath remodels. Contact us for a consultation at our sister Company

Roof Inspections

Why do you need a professional roof inspection?

​​Most of the time hail damage to asphalt shingles is not visible from a ground inspection. It requires a trained professional to climb on the roof and perform the inspection.

We can have one of our highly-trained professionals on your roof within hours.

You won’t have to wait to know the status of your home’s roof. Keep in mind that while the evidence of hail damage is immediately visible to our trained inspectors, the results of hail damage are not always immediate.

First of all, leaks do not typically occur on the day of the storm. Leaks resulting from punctured and or fractured shingles may go undetected but still cause damage. ​In addition, large hailstones may bruise the asphalt shingles so that the life expectancy of the roof is shortened.

Installing a sleek, efficient, and reliable roofing system for your home or business is more than just boosting your property’s curb appeal and value. Your home’s roof is an investment that protects your loved ones and your possessions for years to come.


Kitchen Remodeling

​Did you know that kitchen remodeling projects offer a higher return on investment for homeowners than most other home improvement projects?

Cardinal Exteriors and Roofing have established a reputation as one of the best full-service contractors in the DFW area. We understand that your kitchen is, more often than not, the heart and soul of your home and no small part of its value. Regardless of the amount of remodeling required for your kitchen, you can be sure that our service associates are up for the job. From putting in new flooring to installing custom frameless kitchen cabinets to resurfacing countertops and backsplash panels, we can bring all of your treasured kitchen design ideas to life.

The best kitchen remodeling in DFW starts with a simple phone call with one of our customer service representatives. We’ll take your kitchen wants and needs into consideration, and then visit your home to make the necessary measurements and evaluations. From there, we’ll move on to the design phase, where we create a plan of action to make sure your ideas for kitchen remodeling in DFW all come true. Once we’ve decided on the best materials and products for your project, we’ll move on to the construction phase of your remodeling project.

To bring you the very best in kitchen remodeling services, we at Cardinal Exteriors and Roofing use only the most widely recognized brands and products for every project, and we take every aspect of your kitchen into consideration. For starters, consider countertops – we offer granite, quartz, and many other beautiful and exceptionally durable materials. For cabinets, we offer a wide variety of framed and frameless varieties to suit the mood and color scheme of your kitchen.